Privacy Policy for RaavaVPN

Information we collect on users:

Billing information

We do not store any of your billing information in our servers, infact all billing information such as credit card details never touch our servers.

All of your billing information is stored by a reputable third party payment provider who is obligated to keep all data confidential and secure.

Email addresses

Email addresses are collected for the purpose of verifying your identity to send information about your account.

Your email address will never be given away or sold.

We will use it to contact you regarding our service or payment of our service.

Information we collect from our VPN servers:

We do not collect information on user activity or user IP addresses.

We do collect user log-in/log-out times.

By using this website and/or services, you agree that you consent to this privacy policy. The Privacy Policy may change at any time, notice will be given to any material changes made either via email or on our website.