IOS 7 via L2TP


  • Step 1

    If you don't have a server with RaavaVPN yet then please follow the server creation in this guide.

  • Step 2

    Click on the settings icon (the silver cog like icon).

  • iPhone home screen
  • Step 3

    Scroll down and click on general.

  • iPhone Settings
  • Step 4

    Scroll down to the bottom of general settings and click VPN.

  • iPhone General Settings
  • Step 5

    Click on Add VPN Configuration...

  • iPhone VPN Settings
  • Step 6

    • Add RaavaVPN in Description (or anything to recognise the VPN connection).
    • Enter the IP of your VPN server in the Server field. This should be on your dashboard or in your email.
    • Enter the name of your vpn user. This is usually your email address without the '@' symbol.
    • Next enter your password which is supplied to you via email.
    • Finally add the secret 'raavavpn'.
  • L2TP VPN Configuration
  • Step 7

    To connect select the new VPN setting you just created and toggle the VPN slider.

  • Complete VPN setup on VPN Settings
  • Step 8

    To ensure you are connected you should see VPN under Wi-Fi in the top level settings menu. Enjoy unrestricted browsing on your phone.

  • New easy option VPN toggle on main Settings menu