How to create a wireless hotspot on Windows to share your VPN connection using command prompt

We Recommend using the SoftEther Client find the guide for that here Windows


  • Step 1

    If you don't have a server with RaavaVPN yet then please follow the server creation in this guide.

  • Step 2

    First we need to make sure your computer can support broadcasting a wireless hotspot. To do this open up an administrator command prompt by searching for "CMD" in windows, right clicking and selecting "run as administrator" as shown below:

    Image named 1455237313cmd-run-as-admin.png

    Copy and paste the following command into your open command prompt:

    netsh wlan show drivers
    Image named 1455235984hosted-network-supported.png

    If next to "Hosted Network Support" you see a "No" then this guide will not be possible. Please follow our guide from sharing your connection using a wired cable.

  • Step 3

    Copy and paste the following into your open command prompt:

    netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=RaavaHotspot key=FireFerrets

    change the SSID value to choose a different name if you want, and use “key” to set a password.

  • Step 4

    Start the wireless hotspot by copy and pasting the following command into your open command prompt:

    netsh wlan start hostednetwork 

    This should create a new virtual network adapater. The name of which might vary, mine was called "Local Area Connection* 12".

  • Step 5

    Your wireless network should successfully be created, you should now see the network on your console/ phone/ wireless device. We aren't quite done as we need to share our VPN connection with our new wireless hotspot.

  • Step 6

    Go to "Network and Sharing Center" in Windows by going to start and typing "Network and Sharing Center".

    Alternatively right click on the Network Connections icon in your Taskbar (looks like or ), This should show the option for "Network and Sharing Center".

    Image named 1448983160network-sharing-center.png
  • Step 7

    Click "Change adapter settings" found on the left hand side.

  • Image named 1448983240change-adapter-settings.png
  • Step 8

    Right click the VPN network adapter, typically this is called "VPN Client Adapter" or something similar and select "properties".

    Image named 1448983983network-properties.png
  • Step 9

    Click on the "sharing" tab listed across the top of the new window that just popped up.

  • Step 10

    Check the box that says "Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection" if a dropdown appears for which adapter you wish to share this connection with select "Local Area Connection* 12" this might also be called "Local Area Connection".

    Image named 1455238302sharing-hosted-adapter.png
  • Step 11

    Press "ok" followed by "close" and your new wireless hotspot should be up and running using no 3rd party software that in some cases costs money.