How to connect your Android device using OpenVPN


  • Step 1

    If you don't have a server with RaavaVPN yet then please follow the server creation in this guide.

  • Step 2

    Go to your phone's store (Play Store) and search for OpenVPN. Click on "Open VPN for Android" then "Install".

  • OpenVPN on google store
  • Step 3

    Launch OpenVPN for Android after installing it. Navigate to the folder icon in the top left and find the OpenVPN config you have downloaded. If you're not sure where this file is, go to your Dashboard on RaavaVPN and select the Setup Icon -> (Optional) Your OpenVPN Config while on your phone. Alternatively hit the + icon and enter your details manually which you should have received in an email.

  • OpenVPN for Android no config
    OpenVPN config import
  • Step 4

    Once you've imported your OpenVPN config, go to the "Profiles" tab and select the newly imported OpenVPN connection. You might have to authorise the connection for your phone, if so just click ok. Next enter your username and password provided in your email.

  • OpenVPN for Android no config
    Android Settings
  • Step 5

    Next you should see a log view which shows your session connecting. After which you should be connected. You can check this by clicking on the same OpenVPN connection on the Profile tab.

  • Android home screen
    Android Settings