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Frequently Asked Questions

How does RaavaVPN work?

RaavaVPN doesn't work like many other VPN service providers in that we allow all users to connect to all servers at any given time, instead you are allocated to a micro server where only a couple of people are ever assigned at any given time. This allows us to offer amazing speeds and ensure that your service is not interrupted during that all important game or catching up on the content that you deserve.

What locations do you currently operate in?

We have server locations in New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Singapore & Bangalore In with plans to get servers available in other locations as soon as possible. If a server location isn't available inside of the dashboard this might be because this location is full, don't worry this never happens for long and if you have any questions please contact RaavaVPN staff by opening a support ticket.

How do I connect to my server?

We have a number of guides covering all of the commonly used operating systems as well as devices, you can see our guides Here.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! we're confident that you'll be happy with RaavaVPN services, that's why we offer a 3 day free trial with all of our plans! This is automatically applied to all plans without needing to select the option.

How many devices can I connect at once?

We allow the simultaneous connection of 2 devices at this time, this allows you to use your phone and your computer at the same time! perfect for when you're out and about at a coffee shop.

Do you have your own software client?

We do not have our own custom VPN client. We use open source products such as SoftEther which supports all of the major VPN protocols and makes setting up a VPN connection easy. We setup your SoftEther config for you so all you have to do is download it and add it to your SoftEther VPN client in seconds no messing around with dragging config files to the correct folder, just simple and easy to use software that is constantly updated by the community.

What kind of support do you have?

We allow support through email or our preferred method is via our custom ticket system, the ticket system allows us to see all tickets quickly and easily as well as any previous help given. The founders of RaavaVPN are the people who man the ticketing system, this allows us to give quick and accurate responses to all questions and queries.

What do you do in the event of a DMCA take down notice?

We will send a friendly warning if we get reports of illegal torrenting, but this would be to all users of the server at that time. We do not actively keep any logs that would allow us to figure out who is torrenting, but if continuous reports are received we will investigate further to make sure the correct user is appropriately dealt with.

We will always send warnings via email as quickly as possible and if a large volume is received within a short period of time we might have to temproarily disable your account.

We are working on specific servers for users who wish to torrent with our service in a way that doesn't affect normal users.

What if a valid court order is given to identify an active user of the service?

If we receive an official court order then and only then will we turn over our logs pertaining to user connection times, this is the only information we keep on users in terms of logs and the only viable information we can turn over.

This has not happened yet.

Do you allow P2P traffic on your servers?

We allow access to P2P which enables and powers file-sharing services such as BitTorrent, we respect our customers' freedom to use the service as they please and their right to privacy.

Please note that notification of illegal torrenting might result in warnings and account termination if continued, please be considerate when using P2P technology and torrenting.

What is the most secure VPN connection and encryption algorithm you would recommend to your users?

We use and recommend AES256-SHA encryption as this is set as the default for all of our servers and all of our VPN connections are encrypted with this level of security.

What kind of logs do you keep?

We use a third party secure service called Stripe to store and manage all of your billing information, your credit card information never touches our servers. Stripe is trusted by millions of customers world wide, this allows us to be secure in the knowledge that your credit card data is safe.

Our VPN servers only store session login and logout times, this is all of the information that we store. We do this so that we can keep our network safe from abuse such as spam and hackers, we do not wish to be affiliated with illegal activity of any kind.

I can't select the server location I want, why not?

Due to limited resources we are unable to offer unlimited servers at all locations, if an option is disabled in the server list this is because we are out of servers. Please use the ticket support system if you have any questions.

I'm unable to connect and get error 800

This is caused when you're trying to connect via L2TP, sometimes this is blocked by firewalls and as such we suggest the use of SoftEther which uses TCP 443 which is the same port used for regular internet traffic. Firewall administrators would have to really lock down their firewall to stop this type of connection.

I received my username and password details but they don't work?

Sometimes our username and password system fires before your server is ready to accept the username and password, this is a rare occurance and can easily be resolved by clicking the "Reset user" button on your dashboard.

All password resets can take a little bit of time to execute depending on the current load on our website queue system, so if your password still isn't working please be patient.



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