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Freshers deals!

(Sep 20th 2015)


It's freshers week! RaavaVPN is proud to offer a 10% off your first order! Make it count and get a year subscription today!.

Use the coupon code Freshers10 be quick as this deal will run out on the 27th of September 2015!

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Websites blocked on copyright grounds reaching 500+ in the EU

(Sep 18th 2015)

The Motion Picture Association has revealed in this years iCLIC conference that European countries have blocked access to websites on the ISP level over 500 times. This number comes from 13 countries in the EU that preform blocks to content of this kind.

The theory behind blocking these websites on the ISP level is that if users find it hard to gain access to the websites that infringe on the copyright then they will not be able to con...

Netflix reveals this months best UK ISP for streaming

(Sep 16th 2015)

Looking for the best internet service provider to consume your all important marathon of TV and movies means you can look no further! Netflix has released their rolling monthly blog about which ISP in the UK is providing you with top quality access to streaming content.

It turns out that Virgin are this months top ISP for streaming for the second month in a row. Virgin customers are o...

Service Launch

(Sep 9th 2015)

RaavaVPN has launched!

After a pretty intense few weeks of last minute tweaking and cleaning things up we here at RaavaVPN are ecstatic to announce that our service is finally live!

Check out our guides to see how to get started with RaavaVPN and see our pricing we think you're gonna love it.

We're currently offering a range of subscrip...



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