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Are you still using Hola?

(Oct 29th 2015)

There's good many reasons why when you need a VPN, you might initially opt to choose a free to use one. Be it that you need to access content restricted by a firewall in a hurry, or the next season of your favourite show isn't available in your country. Perhaps you've not really looked around for other VPNs, or maybe you just really love free stuff. But, as with almost anything 'free' there are hidden expenses. After all, the people getting you to use their service need to at the very least...

Europe's 'Net Neutrality' could allow throttling of torrent and VPN services

(Oct 22nd 2015)

On the 27th of October, the the European Parliament will vote on Europe's new telecoms regulation which includes net neutrality rules. This is the last chance to fix the ambiguous Telecom Single Market regulation and deliver on the promise of net neutrality. While this is a step forward for many countries in Europe experts and activists warn that it may leave the door open for BitTorrent and VPN throttling if key amendments fail to pass.

What is Net Neutrality?...

The new Australian metadata laws and what you need to know

(Oct 15th 2015)

The Australian government are now tracking every phone call, text, email and more with the new data retention scheme!

Starting on the 13th of October 2015 the Australian goverment have brought in a new meta data retention scheme which means every phone call you make, text message you send and email you write will be tracked by the government.

This new scheme has allegedly been brought in to protect the country from crime and acts of terrorism, but is also a major b...

OpenVPN support!

(Oct 7th 2015)

We here at RaavaVPN have been listening to our users feedback and have found that while SoftEther is a great piece of software some of our users found that they wanted to use OpenVPN as they had in the past.

Given this request we set to work on making sure all of our servers supported OpenVPN running along side SoftEther and made up a handy guide for our Windows users which you can find in our guides section of the websi...


(Sep 29th 2015)

RaavaVPN is excited to share the news that we have expanded our VPN services to include our new location in Toronto, Canada! Login to your dashboard today and select "Toronto 1" found at the bottom of the list, it's just as easy as that!

For our Canadian users and those of you in certain parts of North America, this means you'll shortly be enjoying faster speeds. For our customers situated every...



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