PayPal's attack on VPN service providers

Feb 7th 2016
#Paypal VPN

Image named 1454806076stop-paypal.png PayPal has recently launched an attack on VPN service providers putting yet another dent in their reputation. A blog post by UnoTelly revealed that PayPal had "severed payment processing agreement unilaterally and without prior warning." In an update, they added, "Paypal indicated that UnoTelly is not allowed to provide services that enable open and unrestricted Internet access."

This follows a sudden trend in anti-geofencing measures highlighted by Netflix's recent clamp down on Proxies and VPNs.

Fortunately, for Raava we don't use PayPal so our service shouldn't be disrupted at all. But for many other VPN service providers out there they may have to move to other payment methods. I think this is a good chance for us to thank Stripe ( for providing a good quality service without any strings attached. Let us hope Stripe do not walk down the same road PayPal is of a less free and less open internet.

This may seem like an insignificant change to some but it's a step in the wrong direction. How many steps will it take before we find ourselves not knowing the internet we used to love? How many steps until you can't access YouTube, Netflix or even Steam without some hidden strings? How many steps until we lose our free and open internet?

We need to listen out for these silent steps to make sure we don't end up in a place we don't want to be. For this step, a more detailed description of the PayPal UnoTelly happenings can be found on Torrentfreak's blog including a copy of the email PayPal sent UnoTelly.



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