Introducing referrals

Sep 2nd 2016

In this blog, I wanted to update all of you on a new feature for Raava that I think you're all going to love :) Referrals.

What can you expect from referrals?

What we've found with some of our customers is that we've not really rewarded them enough for their hard work in referring our services onto their friends, colleagues or even strangers on the internet. Knowing this I wanted to create a way for our users to refer their friends and get something back for their effort.

If your friend reaches £15 in billables (3 months of subscription time) you will receive £5 credit towards your VPN account, all of which is paid out automatically within 24 hours of the referred person reaching that billable amount.

What do people who use my referral link get?

Why stop there? What If my friend really doesn't understand the benefits of a VPN? Or isn't sure that they want to commit to a VPN without trying it out first? well that's why we give all users who signed up through your referral link £5 credit. That means that they could get their first month for as low as £1! easy right?

We also offer a 3-day free trial which still applies to accounts that are referred by a friend, so they won't pay a penny for the first 3 days of our service and can easily cancel within that time.

Sign me up! How do I get my referral link?

To get your referral link simply head on over to your profile and click the tab called "Referral Program" there you will be able to see your unique URL that you can give out to whoever you choose.



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