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Introducing referrals

(Sep 2nd 2016)

In this blog, I wanted to update all of you on a new feature for Raava that I think you're all going to love :) Referrals.

What can you expect from referrals?

What we've found with some of our customers is that we've not really rewarded them enough for their hard work in referring our services onto their friends, colleagues or even strangers on the internet. Knowing this I wanted to create a way for our users to refer their friends an...

Namaste India

(Jun 11th 2016)

Namaste everyone! Wow has it been a long time since we've done a blog, but we thought that we'd come back with a great announcement!

RaavaVPN is excited to announce that we have expanded our service to Bangalore in India! Simply go to your dashboard and select Bangalore 1, for simple and convenient access to an Indian VPN!

We're continuing to improve our service at no extra cost to our users! All current and future use...

PayPal's attack on VPN service providers

(Feb 7th 2016)

Image named 1454806076stop-paypal.png PayPal has recently launched an attack on VPN service providers putting yet another dent in their reputation. A blog post by UnoTelly revealed that PayPal had "severed payment processing agreement unilaterally and without prior warning." In an...

The UK governments war on encryption, petitions and more!

(Jan 20th 2016)

Image named 1453320028gchq.jpg

The United Kingdoms prime minister, David Cameron this time last year made a pledge to ban online messaging applications, that offer end-to-end encryption for their users. This includes very common applications used everyday, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage etc.

This pledge caused a large upset around the world, from security researches to every logical...

Black Friday 2015 20% off for a limited time only!

(Nov 27th 2015)

Black friday is nearly upon us!

It's nearly here! Black Friday is upon us with plenty of deals to go around which isn't limited to your friendly VPN service RaavaVPN! Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year with shoppers estimated to spend over £1bn online alone!

What are RaavaVPN offering?

It's been a busy few weeks for us here at RaavaVPN, so much so we've even not been able to keep up with our weekly blog. We are however pleased to announ...



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