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Content from anywhere

Missing your favourite TV show? Get access to all of the content on the web from anywhere on earth!
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Easy to install

You are just a few clicks away from a safe, secure VPN solution.
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Penetrate Firewalls

Navigate around firewalls setup by your university, work place or any other establishment.

How does RaavaVPN work?

We use open source and free VPN Software SoftEther VPN designed specifically for firewall penetration. SoftEther doesn't just help you get through firewalls, it is also regarded as one of the safest, fastest VPN software packages out there. Where SoftEther provides the best VPN technology, RaavaVPN provides an automated server setup process. What this lets you do is create your own server to connect to ensuring a fast connection with low latency.

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University stopping you from playing games?

When you don't control the network you are on your actions may be restricted by a firewall. This could cause problems such as preventing you from accessing websites or stopping you from playing games. Additionally, on public networks you could be at risk from malicious users intercepting your data and gaining access to your system! RaavaVPN protects your data on public networks and allows you to bypass any firewall restrictions.

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How do I get started?

All you have to do is register and subscribe, once subscribed you'll receive your details, have access to our services and will be good to go. For a full look at how to get started across a wide range of platforms checkout our help pages.

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3 Day Free Trial

We're confident that you'll be happy with RaavaVPN services, that's why we offer a 3 day free trial with all of our plans! We want you to be confident in your purchase with us here at RaavaVPN, if you are unsatisfied with our services simply cancel your subscription before the trial period is up.

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all the content.

What does RaavaVPN do?

RaavaVPN is a Virtual Private Network, a secure tunnel from your devices to our servers.

Allowing you to protect your data and use the internet freely. RaavaVPN creates a secure connection between your computer and your favourite websites, games and applications allowing you to appear anonymous at any location you choose.

With the internet becoming less private, anyone concerned with their privacy should look to keep their data safe. RaavaVPN is a fast and affordable way to keep your data safe and give you a piece of mind.

Hide your IP address and location

Use RaavaVPN to hide your IP address and change your location. Simply hop onto the dashboard to change your server location and you will be setup in a new country in as little as 2 minutes.

Encrypt your data

RaavaVPN uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), to encrypt your data. Browse freely from local Wi-Fi hotspots with ease and security knowing that you can't be tracked or monitored.

Quick, easy and unlimited

RaavaVPN can be configured to run automatically in the background you won't even realize that you're using it. We pride ourselves in creating a fast, secure and easy to use VPN.

Access Any Content

Whether your internet connection is censored by your government, workplace or want to access content which is location restricted, RaavaVPN allows you to get around those filters and hides your location to provide unlimited and unblocked access to all of your favourite content.
Online services you can access with RaavaVPN

View blocked content from anywhere

Easily view blocked content from Facebook, Twitter, Skype and many more. With RaavaVPN you can keep access to all of the content that you love.

Avoid network censorship and surveillance

When using RaavaVPN your ISP can only see encrypted traffic passing to our VPN servers. This means they are unable to see the content of your traffic or what sites you have visited.

No more location restrictions

Sick of seeing messages about content not being avaliable in your area? Enjoy content from Netflix, BBC IPlayer and many more services regardless of your location with RaavaVPN.